Educational Administration: Theory and Practice

(Kuram ve uygulamada eğitim yönetimi)

e-ISSN: 2148-2403 | p-ISSN: 1300-4832 | Frequency Quarterly (12 Issue Per Year) | Nature: Online and Print | Language of Publication: English | Article Processing Charges: 1000 USD
The Educational Administration: Theory and Practice publishes prominent empirical and conceptual articles focused on timely and critical leadership and policy issues of educational organizations. The journal embraces traditional and emergent research paradigms, methods, and issues. The journal particularly promotes the publication of rigorous and relevant scholarly work that enhances linkages among and utility for educational policy, practice, and research arenas.
The goal of the editorial team and the journal’s editorial board is to promote sound scholarship and a clear and continuing dialogue among scholars and practitioners from a broad spectrum of education.
Educational Administration: Theory and Practice presents prominent empirical and conceptual articles focused on timely and critical leadership and policy issues facing educational organizations. As an editorial team, we embrace traditional and emergent theoretical frameworks, research methods, and topics. We particularly promote the publication of rigorous and relevant scholarly work with utility for educational policy, practice, and research.
The journal’s primary focus is on studies of educational leadership, organizations, leadership development, and policy as they relate to elementary and secondary levels of education. Examinations of leadership and policy that fall outside K-12 are considered insofar as there are meaningful connections to the K-12 arena (e.g., college pipeline). International comparative investigations are welcome to the extent they have implications for a broad audience.

Basic Journal Information

  • e-ISSN: 2148-2403 | p-ISSN: 1300-4832 | Frequency Quarterly (12 Issue Per Year) | Nature: Online | Language of Publication: English | Article Processing Charges: 1000 USD
  • Coverage Areas: Although the list is not prescriptive, EATP intends to focus on advances in the following sub-domains:
    1. Expanded views and sources of educational leadership, including beyond the individual as leader
    2. Multiple purposes and outcomes of educational leadership (e.g., instructional, managerial, democratic, inclusive, social justice)
    3. diverse analytical/theoretical lenses (e.g., organizational, sociological, sociocultural, distributed, critical)
    4. address the influence of leadership and policy on educational practice and outcomes
    5. address the impact of diverse forms of leadership preparation and development
    6. consider how the organizational structure of districts and schools impacts leadership and improvement processes
    7. enrich our understanding of schools as agents of social change
    8. examine educational environments that promote equity and social justice for students and faculty
  • Types of Papers: The Journal accepts the following categories of papers:
    • Original research
    • Position papers/review papers
    • Short-papers (with well-defined ideas, but lacking research results or having preliminary results)
    • Technology Discussion/Overview Papers
  • Peer Review Process: All submitted papers are subjected to a comprehensive blind review process by at least 2 subject area experts, who judge the paper on its relevance, originality, clarity of presentation and significance. The review process is expected to take 8-12 weeks at the end of which the final review decision is communicated to the author. In case of rejection authors will get helpful comments to improve the paper for resubmission to other journals. The journal may accept revised papers as new papers which will go through a new review cycle.
  • Periodicity: The Journal is published in 12 issues per year.
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Vol. 30 No. 4 (2024): In-Press

Published: 2024-04-07

Knowledge, Attitude And Perception Of Cyberbullying Among The Parents In Malaysia

Shirley Jong Meu Ching, Aifah Jamaludin, Matthew Teo Yong Chang, Nathan Vytialingam, Mohammad Abdur Rashid, Mohammed Shahjahan Kabir, Hardev Singh H S, Abdul Hakim Kader Sultan, Lubna Shirin, Tania Islam, Theingi Maung Maung, K Sree Raman, Prabal Bhargava, Shaker Uddin Ahmed, Nazmul MHM


Association Of Loneliness And Depression Among Retired Population In Malaysia

Kasturi A/P Subramaniam, Aifah Jamaludin, Halima Sadia Hakim, Nathan Vytialingam, Nalayanni Vasu, Saeid Reza Doustjalali, Negar Shafiei Sabet, Manglesh Waran Udayah, Fatma S.A. Saghir, Abdulhameed Gadmor Moftah, Farzana Y, Hardev Singh H S, Nazmul Mhm


The Manipulation Of Financial Statements: A Theoretical Explanation

Chtaoui Abderrahim, Darif Morad, Benhrimida Mohamed, Sadiki Ahmed, Farrat Outmane, Hajji Zouhair


Social Responsibility And Customer Loyalty

Rim Benaissa, Sakina Hamlaoui, Mouna Mesghouni

3518 - 3529

A Study On The Factors That Influence The Success Of Digital Marketing In A Dynamic Marketing Landscape; A Theoretical And Empirical Integration

Dr. Charu Dutta, Dr. Srijib Shankar Jha, Dr. Rakatu Vijaya Lakshmi, Dr. V. Vijayakumar, Dr. Badhusha M H N, Dr. Twinkle Trivedi


Life After Being Raped: Trauma And Its Consequences

Ms Pallabi Maji, Dr Arindam Modak


An Overview Of “Sexual Harassment” At Workplace

Manisha Panda, Manisha Panda, Debi Prasad Das


Adoption Of Preventive Behavior Among Young Adults: Leveraging Digital Media During The Covid-19 Pandemic

Pee Ven Chan1, Karen Sabina Freeman, Ghislaine Lewis, Revathi Sagadavan, Wong Chee Hoo


Parents Interest In Television Advertisements And Clarifying Intentions Of Their Children

Dr Sanjay Payasi, Dr Deepak Tiwari, Dr. Mukesh Chansoriya


Online Trading Analysis Of Impact On Consumer Buying Behaviour Of Cosmetic Products In Advertisingment Industrial Marketing Management Systems

Ms. Togaru Swathi, Mr. Nalliboyina Suesh Babu, Dr. B. Chandra, Mr. T. Swamy Prasad, Mr. Ogirala Naresh


Perception Regarding E Learning Among Indian Medical Students

Dr Dipika Baria, Dr Swati Mahajan, Dr Govinddas G Akbari, Dr Yogesh Umraniya, Dr Jitendra Patel


Bibliometric Insights Into A.I. For Talent Recruitment Management: A Comprehensive Analysis

Ananya Das, Saswati Jena, Dr. Swapnashri Patnaik, Diptishree Dash, Dr. Lusi Priyadarshani Nayak, Dr. Puspangada Dash, Dr Ranjita Jena


Experiences And Difficulties Of Parents In Caring Their Children With Autism Living In Malaysia

Wong Fung Eng, Nurul Afiq’ah, Mohammad Abdur Rashid, Farzana Y, Nathan Vytialingam, Mohammed Shahjahan Kabir, Shaker Uddin Ahmed, Lubna Shirin, Tania Islam, Tan Sing Ying, Theingi Maung Maung, Tan Yong Chia, Prabal Bhargava, Nazmul MHM


Enhancing Teaching And Learning Through The Use Of Moodle LMS

Ms. Rowaidah Al Abdullah, Dr. Irene C. Taguinod, Ms. Gazala Yusufi


Identification Of Institutional Actors In Cocoa Agribusiness Planning And Sustainability: Evidence From Bantaeng, Indonesia

Nurfaaidah Madung, Muhammad Arsyad, Muhammad Hatta Jamil, Andi Nuddin, Arman Amran, Akbar Rahmatullah


Crypto Currency In India: A Qualitative Analysis Of Prospects And Difficulties; A Thematic Research

Dr.K. Ganeshkumar, Dr. S. Vijayalakshmi, Dr. Rajani Agrawalla, Dr. Sindhu K, Ms. Diana Erudiyanathan, Dr.R.Santhosh


Investigation Of The Relationship Between Reactive Strength And Speed, Change Of Direction, Agility And Reaction Time In Rugby Players

Musab ÇAĞIN, Burak DOĞAN, Sezen ÇİMEN POLAT, Özlem ORHAN, Halil SAROL, Esin Çağla ÇAĞLAR


English teaching: importance of lingo didactic environment in mastering the language.

Minavvar Mammadova, Shiraliyeva Gunay Khazail, Shukurova Farida Shahla, Agayeva Javahir Geyis, Gunel Bayramova Mehdiyeva

237 - 241

Practicing The Values Of Tolerance Among The Swimmers Students At The University

Faleh Sultan Abu Eid, Mahmoud Aied Hatamleh, Ahmad Abed AL Wahab Akour, Amal Mohammad Hasan Alhamad, Saleh Salem Ali Qawaqzeh, Abdel Monem Ibrahem Abutabanjah


Social Affiliations In M. G. Vassanji's No New Land

Kayalarasan. A, Dr.J. Arul Anand


Cognitive Test Instruments to Measure Student Mathematics Ability in Elementary School: Rasch Analysis

Iva Sarifah, Eko Kuswati, Wayan Suniasih, Fahrurrozi Fahrurrozi, Ganjar Susilo

766 - 779

Exploring The Role Of Technology On The General Administration Process: An Empirical Study On Banking Services"

Dr .Y Saritha Kumari, Dr.G.Madhu Sri, Dr. B. Venkateswarlu, Dr.Areman Ramyasri, G. Gousia Begum

1067 - 1072

Peruse Of Traffic In Educational Premises Using Max-Flow Min-Cut Theorem

Shankar D. Ugale, Anjali Nanaware, Arundhati Vaishnav, Dr. Madhukar Palve, Kirti Takale, Dr. Vineeta Basotia


The Manipulation Of Financial Statements: A Theoretical Explanation

Chtaoui Abderrahim, Darif Morad, Benhrimida Mohamed,  Sadiki Ahmed, Farrat Outmane, Hajji Zouhair

3225 - 3231

Global Research Trend In Digital Learning: Analysis Using Bibliometrix On The Scopus Database

Syahrul Ramadhan, Sabar Budi Raharjo, Opik Abdurahman Taufik, Wakhid Kozin, Achmad Habibullah, Ahmad Dudin, Elis Lisyawati


Evaluating The Effectiveness Of Recently Introduced Tools In Enhancing Pedagogical And Psychological Support For Students With Intellectual Disabilities

Lilit Saratikyan, Marianna Harutyunyan, Gohar Hovyan, PhD, Susanna Muradyan, PhD, Vera Marukyan, PhD


Survey on Awareness, Perception and Attitude towards Doping of University Level Players

Mr. Vipul Vardhaman Goundaje, Dr. Swapnil Vidhate, Amitahamad N. Tamboli, Dr. Sandipraj. S Autade, Dr.Netaji Jadhav


Impact Of AI And Blockchain Technology In The Growth Of Digital HRM Transformation As A Function Of Management

Dr. K. Maheswari, Dr. K. Maheswari, Akshay Kumar, Dr Trupti Dandekar Humnekar, Dr. Ay Prabhakar, Dr Bhadrappa Haralayya, Manoj Kumar N


Organizational And Operational Characteristics Of Vietnamese Commune-Level Authorities

Phuong Huu Tung, Nguyen Thi Hong Van, Nguyen Van Thanh


Is Tax Aggressiveness Affected Corporate Social Responsibility Disclosure? A Meta-Analytical Review

Retnaningtyas Widuri, Bambang Subroto, Erwin Saraswati, Mohamad Khoiru Rusydi

3403 - 3411

Understanding The Factors Contributing To Cognitive Dissonance During Online Purchases: A Practical Investigation With A Focus On Electronic Goods

Mrs. Anitha C, Amutha S, Dr. Kannan P, Dr Vishal Srivastava, Dr Ritu Sharma, Dr. Gajanethi Swathi Kumari


Entrepreneurship Education: An Insight Into The State Of Art

VB Krishna, Shreesha R, Raju V, Venugopal Gupta, Suresh V, Kavya Dakshinamurthy, Anila S


“Analysis Of Om (AUM) Chanting Using Machine Learning”

Lalita K. Wani, Dr. Dhananjay E. Upasani, Dr. Anupama Deshpande


The impact of job stress on employee performance of Fenaka Fuvahmulah

Toong Hai Sam, Hamdha Mohamed, Wang Yan, Xue Ruiteng, Li Chong


Examining Water Pollution Causes in Tiruppur District: Balancing Industrial Growth with Environmental Concerns

R. Nirmala, M. Anitha, Dr. V. Dhivya Keerthiga, Dr. G. Vaishnavi, D. Poongothai, K. Deepika, D.Chithra, S.Ambili, A.Sukanya


Exploring Brand Equity Studies in University Settings: An In-depth Analysis of Academic Research

Tanu Khasa, Priya Sangwan, Aarti Chauhan, Dr. Sushil Sharma


Multimodal Discourse Analysis Of Professional Tourism Campaign Titled 'Saudi By Saudis.'

Aayesha Sagir Khan, Ameera Ali Alkohli, Samar Alnmer, Amal M Albshri, Ismail Mohamed Hamid Rushwan, Sagir Ahmed Khan


On Complexity Of Governance In Higher Education In India

Dr. Kumar Anand, Dr Smita Tiwary Ojha, Dr Smita Singh, Anupam Sinha, Ritu Sinha, Ekata Kumari, Rajnish Kumar, Sujeet Prasad


How Do Indonesian Islamic Higher Institutions Perceive Independent Campus Policy? A Perspective Analyses.

Jumira Warlizasusi, Dewinofrita Dewinofrita, Murni Yanto, Abdul Sahib, Syaiful Bahri, Fatricia Syafri


A Cloud Based Honeycloud System For Malicious Detection Using Machine Learning Techniques

Kurra Chaitanya Kumar, Busireddy Mokshitha Reddy, Naguru Tahaseen, Bhed Bahadur Bista, S.V.S. Ganga Devi


What Motivates Saudi EFL Learners To Learn English?

Turki Abdulmajeed Assulaimani , Hassan Saleem Alqurashi

690 - 698

The Economic Role Of Fiscal Policy And Reducing The Phenomenon Of Unemployment And How To Address It (Iraq As A Model)

Iqbal Sagban Thabbah, Ammar Hussein Chichan Al_Asadi, Layth Hussein Salman Al_Jassani


Exploring The Impact Of Emotional Intelligence On Leadership Effectiveness: A Meta-Analysis In Management Studies

Ms Seema Narendran, Dr. Roshni Jaiswal, Rekha. S, Mrs. Priti Rai, Dr Bhadrappa Haralayya, Aditya Singh Yadav, Avinash Kumar Mishra


Analysis Of Competitiveness In The Domestic Semiconductor Cluster Using Entropy Technique: Based On The GEM-ESG Model

Xin He, Jin-Sup Jung, Shan-Xiong Li3, Chao-Qun Gao, Shi-Jie Guan, Han-Zhuo Tian


Out performance Of The Conventional Gaussian Combination Approach For Speech Recognition

Dr. Manav Bansal, Vartika, Arpit Chhawda, Dr. Niraj Singhal


Omani Political Relations With East Asia: China As A Model

Habib Marhoon AL Hadi, Mohd Syakir Mohd Rosdi


Understanding Crucial Factors Of Metaverse Acceptance Among Gamers: Evidence From Empirical Studies

Priyanka Sahoo, Aditi Saurav, Lalith Kumar Vemali, Rakesh Gandla


Effects Of Fire Hydrants With Mountain Climbers Vs Quadruped Cross Crawl Exercises On Pelvic Floor Strengthening In Postmenopausal Women: A Randomized Clinical Trial

Dr. Gayatri Dashrathe, Dr. Shrikant Sant, Dr. Mehreen Farooqui, Dr. Sakshi Runwal, Siddhi Sawant, Riya Bhanushali, Shivani Patil, Anushka Rane


Distributed Leadership And Its Relationship With Improving Decision-Making Among Secondary School Principals In Jerash Governorate From The Teachers' Point Of View

Dr. Hussein Mohamad Ali Atoom, Dr. Osama Adel Hasouneh, Dr. yumna Ahmad Atoum, Dr. Hadeel Saad Al-Hyari, Prof. Mohammed Qasem Al. Magableh


"A Python-powered Investigation of Ambidextrous Leadership: Its Mediation Role between Firm Performance and Organizational Innovation"

Dr. Ch. Sahyaja, Dr. Sravani Maddala, Dr. P. Akthar, Dr. Venkateswarlu Chandu, Dr. Elia Thagaram, Dr P. Suresh, Dr. K. Lakshmi Pavani, Dr. K. Pradeep Reddy


Loanwords In The Valley Of Presheva

Dr. Sc. Yllka Imeri, Phd. C Pranvera Osmani, Prof. Ass. Dr. Mejreme Ymeri, Prof. Ass. Dr. Elsa Vula


IoT Applications for Livestock Management and Health Monitoring in Modern Farming

Dr.Akshaya Kumar Mohanty, Dr. Tagaram Kondala Rao, Mr. Harisha K S, Dr. Rupali Agme, Chayanika Gogoi, Dr. C M Velu


Investigating The Opportunities Through Web-Based Education

Kuntal Urvik Desai, Dr. Shivkumar Singh


Entrepreneurial Intentions Millennial Generation in North Sumatera: A Case Study at HIPMI Medan City

Doli M. Ja’far Dalimunthe, Andrew Satria Lubis, Adika Fajar Putra, Muhammad Arif Lubis


Implementation Of Kh Hasyim 'Asyari Educational Principles In Madrasah Reality

Muh Ibnu Sholeh, Muhammad Al fatih, Nur ‘Azah, Sokip, Asrop Syafii, Hawwin Muzakki, Bambang Wahrudin, Mochammad Syafiuddin Shobirin, Fahrur Rosikh, Sahri, Muhammad fathurr’ouf


Appearance Fitness A Step Towards Healthy Life

Dr. Aniket Anant Kerkar, Dr. Baburao l. Ghayal


Critical Success Factor in Lateral Recruitment of Defence Officers

Abhinav Kumar, Dr. Sumati Sidharth, Shobhanam Krishna


A Cryptographic Cloud Forensics Method For Machine Learning To Increase Security

Apoorva Dwivedi, Prof (Dr) Harsh Kumar, Rohit Kumar Upadhyay, Jay Chand, Pardeep Singh, Dr Ravindra Kumar Vishwakarma


Calculation Of Stopping Power Of Protons And Alpha Particles In PMMA, C5O2H8, And PAA, C3O2H4

Sarah H. Abdul-Abass, Rashid O. Kadhim, Samah O. Hassoon

1372 - 1379

Professionalism Of Civil Servant Teachers Through Writing Scientific Article And Scientific Publications

Gugun Gunawan, Saiful Falah, Syamsul Rizal Mz, Agus Tamami, Azwar Anas, Fuad Ahmad Riva’i, Nurodin, Riny Kusumawati


Andragogy-Based Learning Management Of Reading The Qur'an In Enhancing The Quality Of Quranic Recitation Among The Elderly

Indah Wahyu Ningsih, Mohamad Erihadiana, Unang Wahidin, Nanda Saputra, Firdaus Syah


Organization Of The Educational Process In Primary Education With The Participation Of Artificial Intelligence.

Norposhshakhon Khabibullaevna Vokhidova, Zakhro Mirshadmonovna Khalikova, Fotima Shamsiddinovna Islamova, Makhirakhon Boriykhonovna Abdulkhayeva


Effectiveness of Seven Steps of Project based Learning (PJBL) in Kndergarten

Ayu Mustika Sari, Rakimahwati, Dadan Suryana, Jamaris Jamna, Jasrial


Curbside Cravings: A Taste Of Customer Preferences In Food Trucks

Dr. Dharmender Singh, Anuj Bajpai, Dr. Harjinder Pal Singh Saluja


The Supreme Court Of India On Evergreening Of Patents

Mrs Tejaswini B J, Dr. K R Aithal


Evaluating The Impact Of Teachers’ Psychological Well-Being On Work Performance

Faustina Anyamesem-Poku, Dr Rajendrakumar Muljibhai Parmar


The Effective Of Job Rotation On Career Management The Technology–Organization–Environment Framework Per-spective

Ahmad Abo Eisheh, Salah Shiekh Deeb, Ayman Alshehab, Amal Ahmad Almasri, Ali Ratib Alawamreh


Digital Sustainability: Harnessing Strategy And Technology To Reduce Carbon Footprints In Virtual Worlds

Dr. Alok Singh Chauhan  , Ashish Bhatnagar, Shailza Sharma,  Anamika Srivastava,  Dr. Sudhir Kumar Singh,  Poonam Verma

3530 - 3537

Impact Of Corporate Social Responsibility To Develop Marketing Strategy

Prof. Bhaskarjyoti Bora , Dr. Rajesh Deb Barman


An Evaluation Of The Function Of Information And Communication Technologies In The Spread Of Technical Knowledge; An Employee Centered Analysis

Nithya A, Dr.Shripria V, Dr. Priyanka Jayaraj, Dr.Haresh D.Khachariya, Dr. N.Rajesh, Dr Balamurugan S


Musical Innovation: The Fusion of Chord Melody Style and Malay Traditional Music Lagu Melayu Asli

Chamil Arkhasa Nikko Mazlan, Mohd Hassan Abdullah, Mohd Azam Sulong, Sajastanah Imam Koning, Abdul Rahman Safian, Zamrus Hashim, Suflan Faidzal Arshad, Aiman Ikram Uyub


The Role of Artificial Intelligence in Improving Human Resource Management Practices in Marketing Companies

Venkateswaran Radhakrishnan, Sunil Kumar, Punit Kumar Dwivedi, Veena Prasad Vemuri, Yashvi Naik, Jeyalakshmi R, Sudheer S Marar


Analysis Of Impact Of Regular Formative Assessment On Final Summative Assessment Among MBBS Students

Dr Govinddas G Akbari, Dr Yogesh Umraniya, Dr Prashant Kariya, Dr Kiran Thorat, Dr Jyothi Vybhavi V S, Dr Milav H Bhavsar, Dr Jitendra Patel


Investigation On The Changes Of Peak Flow Expiratory Rate Due To Yogic Practices On Asthmatics Adolescent Boys

Navaneethakrishnan M, Dr.V.Subbulakshmi, Dr.Meena Ramanathan, Dr.C.Kamatchi


A Bibliometric Study On Branded Jewellery

Sunita Yadav, Prof. Rajkumar, Dr. Seema Singh


Unravelling the mathematical tapestry: Exploring the ethnomathematics of the “Seroa” within the Lakiput culture in Sarawak

Wong Tze Jin, Melini Suali, Koo Lee Feng, Mohamad Maulana Bin Magiman, Chen Chuei Yee, Julia Chieng Chin Yee


Understanding The Radicalism Of Jamaah Ansharut Daulah In Bima City, Indonesia

Muhammad Husni, Dwia Aries Tina Pulubuhu, Buchari Mengge


Investigation Of The Cognitive Flexibility, Sleep Quality, Academic Performance Of Students Based On Physical Activity Level



Positive Influence on Innovative Work Behavior in Higher Education, Indonesia

Matin Matin, Sugiarto Sugiarto, Masduki Ahmad, Nur Kholifah, Muhammad Nurtanto

780 - 790

Neurological Effects On Sleep And Mental Health: Understanding The Bidirectional Relationship And Therapeutic Interventions

Susheela Singh, Chandra Sekhar Mohapatra, Asavari Santosh pate, Neha Ravichandran, Rajasree Gopalakrishnan, Kiran Haridas

1073 - 1076

Environmental Assessment Of The Impact Of Water Pollution In The Bahar Al Najaf On Plants

Safaa M. Almudhafar, Russel Alaa Mohsen, Basim A. Almayahi

1333 - 1341

Social Influence On Intention Towards Green Buildings In Madurai

Dr. A. Edwich Rose Mary, Dr. M. Siva Bharathy

2051 - 2054

Al-Tawafi's Method of transmitting Opinions

Leqaa Suhaib Saadi, Amer Yassin Eidan


Shifting Paradigms: Evolving Portrayals Of Gender Minorities In Indian Media

Dr. Abirami Vetrivel, Ms. S. Nivetha, Dr. Elamathiyan. E, Mr. K. Sakthi Balamurugan


Developing A Learning Community Model To Enhance Teachers' Professional Capacity

Nguyen Van Hong, Duong Thi Hoang Yen, Nguyen Thanh Ly, Nguyen Phuong Huyen, Nghiem Thi Duong


Value Propositions Affecting The Adoption Of Technological Transformation In Indian Banking

Dr. Kapil Jain, Dr. Milind Bapna, Dr. Amit Garg, Dr. Jyoti Jain, Dr. Jatin Kumar Lamba, Dr. Resmi CP


Bits, Bytes, And Taxes: The It Professional's Perspective

Sneha M D, Vyshnavi K Menon, Rajani KG


Development Of A Website-Based Child Nutritional Status Assessment Application To Detect Stunted Children In The Coastal Area

Dali, Taamu, Dyah Noviawati Setya Arum, Harlyanti Muthma’innah Mashar, Agussalim


Mediating The Relationship Between Social Media Marketing Features And Consumers' Decisions To Buy Fast Food; An Investigation

Mankeshva saini, Mr. R. Guruprasad, Dr.Deepti Mishra, Prof. (Dr.) Vikas Singh, Dr. Rakatu Vijaya Lakshmi, Archana Prasad Dhawade


Unveiling The Impact: Linking Student Assessment And Instructional Management In Physical Education Programs

Argin A. Gulanes, Stephen A. Fadare, Cherie Bautista-Apolinario, Mariciel B. Baligod

438 - 444

IoT-driven Decision Support Systems for Smart Manufacturing: A Review of Implementation Strategies

Ms Hima K G, Ms. Aiswarya Menon, Ms Meera V M, Srinivas.D, Ms Neethu Krishna, Dr C M Velu

550 - 559

Techniques And Methods Of Enhancing Leadership Qualities And Standards Of Faculty Members In Educational Institutions

Dr Reetu Singh , Dr S Barathi, Dr.Suchita Shukla, Dr. K. Magaveera Nagappa, Dr Krishna Kant Bhartiy

906 - 916

Challenges And Its Remedies For Rural Entrepreneurship Development In India

Dr. Partap Singh, Dr. Nitin Gupta, Gangadhar Goudar


Efficient Watermarking Approach For Textured Images Using Dct And Dwt

Santosh Gaikwad , Bharti Gawali , Chitra Desai , Vishal Raskar , Sandip Thorat

2101 - 2109

Study On Well -Being And Social Inclusion Among Rescued Female Sex Workers: A Systematic Review

Mr. Prakhar Bajpai, Dr. Pragyan Dangwal, Dr. Krishnan Kumar Sony


Explain The Qur’anic Expression By Deletion In The Argument Part

Teeba Hudaib Jabar, Assist. Prof. Dr. Mahmood Abid Hamad Al-Lami


Analyzing The Role Of Emotional Intelligence On Customer Satisfaction Regarding Their FMCG Purchase

Dr. Pradeep K. Mishra, Dr. Amardeep B. Bajpai, Dr. Ambrish Singh, Dr. Rahul Wagh


Exploring The Interplay Between Workplace Deviance, Employee Motivation, And Job Satisfaction In Omani Universities

Mohammed Al Busaidi, Dr. Muhummmad Islam, Dr. Amar Jaaffar, Dr. Nabil Hussein Al-Fahim


From Darkness To Light: Mobile Phone Apps, The Empowering Tools For Tribal Students And Community Of Chhattisgarh

Manoj Kumar Gupta, Vidyasagar Maurya, Sudhir Sudam Kaware, Haripad Kumar Mahato, Pradumna Kumar


Status of Accredited Colleges affiliated to North-Eastern Hill University in Meghalaya

Elorine Kharkongor, Dr. Rihunlang Rymbai, Prof. C. Nongbri


The Relationship between Sense of Coherence and Depression, Anxiety, and Stress among First-Year Students in Princess Nourah University

Fatimah Sayer Alharbi, Abdulaziz I Aljemaiah, Mugtaba Osman, Bayan Abdullah Alsubaie, Fawaz S Alotaibi, Dina Durayd Alsamman

757 - 765

Factors That Determine Youth's Consumption Behaviour In A Sustainable Way

Mr. Anmol Mehta, Dr. Meenakshi Sharma, Dr. Nishu Gupta, Dr. Arpita Sharma


The Impact Of Pathogenic Fungi On Soil Contamination In The Center Of The Al-Munadhirah District

Safaa M. Almudhafar, Noor Tahseen Abdulameer, Basim A. Almayahi

1316 - 1324

Empowering Faculty Through Continuous Training And Professional Development Towards Sustainability

Dr. P. Padma Ganga, Ravinder Singh, Swati V. Dhonde [Kale], Dr. N.V.S. Suryanarayana, Dr. Kainat Akhtar Usmani, Parul Bhargava


Topoisomerase – A Target For Anticancer Agents

Arun Ramachandran, R. Saravanan, V. Sebastin


The Efficacy And Safety Of Broad-Spectrum Antibiotics For Rhinosinusitis: A Systematic Review For Outpatient Patients

Raghad Mujalli Sheikh. M Murshidi , Amer Ziad Abdel-Karim Abu-Ain, Yazeed Mahmoud Yahya Alhalalmeh, Ahmad Turki Ahmad Al-Mawas, Anas Hamdallah Abdel Lattif Alnsour


The Experience Of Investing In Smart Cities And Its Role In Enhancing The Steps Of Sustainable Development

Asst. Prof. Dr. Sohaila Abdel Zahra, Asst. Prof. Sundus Jasim Shaaibith, Asst. Prof. Dr. Shaymaa Rasheed Mohaisen


An Appraisal And Evaluation Of Frap Antioxidant Power And Hepatoprotective Activity Of A Herbal Blend Comprising Two Cold Macerated Methanol Extracts Of Litsea Polyantha Linn And Angelica Sinensis In Hepg2 Cells

Uppuluri Varuna Naga Venkata Arjun, Pavan Kumar Padarthi, Miss. Komal Kriti, Touseef Begum, Karuna Priyachitra, Shikha Atteri, Saish Pawar, Arghya Paria

3304 - 3312

Development Of ISCM Manasa Mini-Social Cognition And Emotions Assessment (ISCM Manasa-Mini-SEA) Test

Rama Reddy Karri, M.D., Ph.D., Ananda Balayogi Bhavanani M.D., D.Sc., Meena Ramanathan Ph.D, Vijaya Gopal Mopidevi M.D


The Effectiveness of Styrofoam Mixtures in Lightweight Concrete Walls

Ngudi Hari Crista, Sudharto Prawata Hadi, Erni setyowati


The Implementation Of The "Rantang Kasih" Program In Improving The Welfare Of The Elderly In Banyuwangi Regency: Public Policy Analysis

Agung Toni Saputra, Prof. Dr. Zarah Puspitaningtyas , Suyani Indriastuti, Dr. Mahfudz Sidiq

396 - 404

Overcoming Barrie to Pain Assessment: Communicating Pain Information with Intubated Older Adults

Anantkumar H. P, Abhay D. Pattan, Praful S. Damor, Milankumar J. Chauhan


The Role Of Top Management Support On The Relationship Between Workplace Deviance Dimensions And Job Satisfaction In Oman Universities

Mohammed AlBusaidi, Dr. Muhummmad Islam, Dr. Amar Jaaffar, Dr. Nabil Hussein Al-Fahim

834 - 844

A Trend Analysis Of Epw Journals With Special Reference To Tiss

Veena A. Prakashe, Ramanik S. Lengure, Priyanka V. Sane, Bharti H. Rahangdale

1407 - 1412

A Systemic Functional Linguistic Approach To Improve Students' Ability In Writing English Text

Herman Herman, Shaumiwaty Shaumiwaty, Rohdearni Wati Sipayung, Everhard Markiano Solissa, Endang Fatmawati, Semaria Eva Elita Girsang, Nanda Saputra


"Siddhar Science: Nurturing Intellectual Properties for A Meaningful Life"

Chithra Shanmugam, Ramani Mani, Selvakumar S


"Revolutionizing Breast Cancer Detection: Harnessing Artificial Intelligence In Mammography Screening"

Aditya Nagrath, Manpreet Singh, Amit Kumar, Kanwaldeep Kaur, Pallavi, Monika


Statistical Comparative Study of FACTS Devices in PSS Improvement

L K Katariya, Vijaykumar K Prajapati, Rachana J Patel, Dr C D Upadhyay


Role of National Green Tribunal In Protecting Environment In India

Annapurna Trivedi, Dr. Upendra Nath Tiwari


Investigating The Awareness Of Kajal (Kohl) Application Among Primary Caregivers

Ankita Raj, Nayan Gupta, Navita Gupta, Ajit Kumar Poddar, Pradeep Kumar


Corporate Governance And Intellectual Capital's Impact On Companies' Financial Performance

Mokhalad Daher Habeeb, Safa Mohammed Hussein, Naeem Sabah Jarrah


Fatherhood In Nahj Al-Balagha

Prof. Dr. Zainab Abdul Hussein Al Mulla Al Sulta, Dr. Huda Saeed Badr Al-Ameedi


The Rise Of Fintech: Disrupting Traditional Financial Services

Dr. Indrani Bhattacharjee, Dr Nidhi Srivastava, Prof. Ashish Mishra, Dr. Sunil Adhav, Mrs. Nutan Singh


An Empirical Study on Influence of Grey Market Premium and listing gains on Investment in Initial Public Offering

Dr. Venkateswarlu Chandu, Dr. T. Kiran Kumar, Dr. M. Thyagaraju, Dr. K. Pradeep Reddy, Jaahnavi Kandimalla, Rachapudi Khyathi Sri, Katta Likhil Siddhardha, Chereddy Meenamrutha


Understanding Learning Disabilities: Integrating Educational Strategies And Psychological Interventions

Dr. Imran Khan, Dr. Gaurav Shrivastava, Dr. Shantanu Sharma, Dr. Inderpreet Singh, Ms. Nidhi Sharma


Development And Components Of Chitosan Primarily Based Microspheres Of Glibenclamide

Souravh Jha, Arti Rai, Pinky Singh, Ritu Deheriya, Neetu Saket, Bharti Patle


A Relationship Between Organizational Factors And Good Governance Application Of Thai Universities

Sukhumpong Channuwong, Boonyabaramee Sawangwong, Vichai Lamsutthi, Jutharat Amnuaywuthikul, Somkait Khamsom


Financial Policies for Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in Vietnam Nowadays

Nguyen Thi Thu Ha, Nguyen Hoang Giang, Nguyen Anh Dung, Nguyen Thi Dieu Thuy


Constructing A Competency Assessment Tool For Institutional Leaders In Malaysian Universities: The Academics’ Perspective

Norazharuddin Shah Abdullah, Azian Mohmad Azman, Ismie Roha Mohamed Jais, Erlane K Ghani, Yazrina Yahya


Assessment Of Phytochemical Constituent And Antioxidant Capacities Of Ricinus Communicus Seed Extracts

Shinde Prashali, Singh Gurdeep, PhD, Kardile Deepak, Wakure Balaji, PhD


Intellectual And Emotional Brilliance: Unraveling The Motivational Pathways To Job Satisfaction And Employee Performance

Sri Indrastuti, Desy mardianty, Hazwari Hasan, Amries Rusli Tanjung, Gilang Nugroho


Effectiveness Of Pelvic Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation Techniques On Balance And Gait Parameters In Children With Spastic Quadriplegic Cerebral Palsy

Swamini Sudhakar Bhoir, Priyanka Basant Tripathi, Vikrant Girish Salphale, Javeria Jafar Shaikh, Sathi Biswajit Maity, Mercy Michael Nadar


Insect Killing Using LASER

Ankita Tijare, Sanika Kale, Pranay Parwarkar, Radha Pandey, Ritik kalmegh, Himanshu kemekar


The Concept Of Transformation In Administrative Decisions

Khalid Ali Y. Alshahrani, Abdulrahman Ahmad N. Alhathi, Ali Muhammad Muhammad Al-Darwbi


Tourism Innovation And The Role Of Technology In Enhancing Visitor Experiences

Sunder Srinivasan, Dr. Arun S Herkar, Jayamani J., Akash Indora, Dr. Rupam Mukherjee


Translation Problems of Some Medical Terms

Prof.Aula Abdul Ghaffour Muhammad


A Study on The Sway Of Agricultural Financing Problems Faced By Agricultural Entrepreneurs.

Mr. Divesh Dutt, Dr. Moiz Akhtar, Dr. Farhina Sardar Khan


A Strategic Planning Concept At Investments Company: An Analysis

Abdalbaer Mohammed Ahmed Nagasa, Mohd Syakir Mohd Rosdi


Optimizing Torque Ripples In Switched Reluctance Motor Via ANN

Dr B. Vidyasagar, Bandameedi Sai Teja, Jagathapalli Shashi Kiran, Dharavath Reddy Nayak, Sagaboina Sai


Review On Ai And Iot Based Integrated Smart Water Management And Distribution System

Mrs.Vasifa S.Kotwal , Dr. Sangram Pati, Dr. Jaydeep Patil

594 - 605

Perception Towards E-Health Services- Government Initiatives In India

Dr. Amit Verma, Dr. Anita Sharma, Dr. Ankita Pandey

722 - 731

Byte-Sized Brilliance: A Guide To It Workforce Retention

Muhammed Riyaz H, Dr. Nisha Ashokan

1017 - 1028

Ethical Leadership In The Digital Age: Navigating Complexities And Building Trust In Virtual Work Environment

Dr. D. Jayavelu, Dr. K. Maheswari, Princy Anton Arockia Packia A, Narendar Chinthamu, Dr. Aby John, Dr. Reena Rai


Secularism And The Crisis Of Arab Mind, Fouad Zakariyya As A Sample

Intisar Salman Saad Al. Saeed, Dr. Lateef Khudhair Lateef Al_Anbagi, Adnan JIHEEL Shadwood


Collaborative Governance Strategies To Accelerate Stunting Handling In Kampar District

Andika Yuli Pratama, Seno Andri, Febri Yuliani, Hasim As’ari


Natural Products Use For The Management Of Breast Cancer: A Review

Raj Kumar Bera, Reena Singh, MD Kabirul Islam Mollah, Anushree Mistry, Nilanjana Ghosh, Avery Kundu, Kush Biswas


ROPO in Apparel: Unraveling the Impact of Online Research on Offline Purchase Behavior

Dr. Rizwana M, Dr.P.V. Raveendra, Dr. Rashmi, Bonvin D Souza


Ambedkar On Caste And Women Empowerment

Prahallad Chandra Biswas


Examining The Effect Of FDI On Economic Growth Of Developing Nations: A Comprehensive Analysis Of Indian Food Processing Industry Through ARDL Method

Dr. Ankit Garg, Dr. Ruchi Jain, Deepti Verma, Dr. Deepak Jha, Dr. Ritesh Singhal, Dr. Rahul Singhal


Detecting High-Risk Pregnancies And Premature Births: A Comprehensive Survey

Mohit Lal Sah, Dr Rahul Kumar Mishra, Dr Arvind Kumar Shukla

646 - 652

Examining The Role Of Gender In The Social Dynamics Of Migration

Dr Bhawna Sharma, Dr. Idemakanti Chandrakanth Reddy, Dr. Faraz Ahmad, Dr. Sujata, Chandraketu Singh


Customers Perception And Willingness To Adopt Green Banking

Dr. K. Venkatachalam, Mrs. Divya Subhash

1221 - 1224

Optimizing Semi-Automatic Semantic Matched Searching Concept

Dr. D. Elangovan, Dr. Radha.C, Dr. M.T. Raghuraman


Development Of Adaptive Systems For Higher Degrees Of Automation Of Information Acquisition And Analysis

Dr.V.Velmurugan, Dr.L.Sharmila, S.Srimathi, Kandala Giridhar Reddy, M.Joice Jesie


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